Markets Ontario Only Policy


GFM Produce Policy –

Every year we receive questions from Market Visitors asking about where the produce sold at the GFM Market is grown.  The Gravenhurst Farmers’ Market strongly supports local Muskoka and Ontario farmers.  Our policy objectives which determine Vendor selection state: “To promote fresh Ontario produce with special emphasis on locally grown Muskoka farm products. To provide an avenue for selected primary and secondary producers, local artisans and craftspeople to promote and sell their goods while retaining the integrity and feel of a true Farmers’ Market”.

We do have some produce for sale at the Market from the Ontario Food Terminal. Ideally all our produce would come from Muskoka, but with the short growing season and the rocky and acidic soil, farms are not plentiful in the area. We like to provide our customers with a selection and at the same time support our Ontario farmer. If cauliflowers, for example are available in Ontario, then they are available at our Market. Our Muskoka producers have been given signs stating that they are a Muskoka producer. All our produce vendors have a farming background and do produce at least part of what they sell. Some do grow 100% of what they sell, and the GFM Market Manager would be happy to advise any customer at the Market who these vendors are. We GUARANTEE that all produce is from Ontario. Please support the Ontario farmer and shop at the Gravenhurst Farmers’ Market Co-op Inc. Thank You!